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Taking care of the three pillars of your Health

At Elk & Me, we believe there are three pillars of your health, your Internal wellbeing, Spiritual wellbeing and Environmental wellbeing. And what better time to bring harmony into these spaces than when you are in a state of relaxation and resonance with your true self. In addition to therapies we have a fully equipped dispensary with quality raw herbs and preformulated medicines which have been hand-picked by our practitioners. We showcase a range of items to assist you in bringing ritual into your daily life along with beautiful handcrafted objects that bring our divine relationship with nature into our homes.

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your Internal wellbeing

We stock a range of Elk & Me hand blended Teas (Western Herbal Medicine combined with Traditional Medicine), Medicinal Mushrooms, Supplements and a range of health products.

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Daily Ritual

your Spiritual wellbeing

Bring ritual into your daily experience with; Resins, Smudge, Palo Santo Sticks, Incense and Oil burners.

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Home Sanctuary

your Environmental wellbeing

Create a sanctuary at home with our range of Ceramic; mugs, bowels, pot planters, trays & plates.

We stock a range of beautiful quality Australian brands

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At SuperFeast we find potent tonic herbs and mushrooms, grown in the wilds of China, and from their original source. Understanding the methods and practices of our suppliers is our mission. We want only the best herbs for our families and for yours – and we’re willing to go the extra mile for it!

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Orchard St.

Orchard St. is a platform for true change; each of our consciously curated offerings illuminating your life experience as ways to true wellness. Each product has been naturopath created to conjure a positively thriving state of body, mind and spirit; a ‘way of being’ aligned with the wisdom of nature.

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Sharon Alpren

Sharon began making pots after work in London as a buyer in fashion and homewares. When she moved to a place in outback Australia where there was no such work I found somewhere I could make pots instead, and there I fell in love with clay and its processes. I now live near Melbourne and still make pots. Pots for the home, both practical and sculptural, and architectural pieces through work with designers.

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Judith Hoffmann Ceramics

Handcrafted by Judith in her Melbourne studio. Her gorgeous ceramics explore form and function to create works of art that can be both appreciated on display or used daily to bring joy into your life.