Craig Poulton

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Craig Poulton

Transpersonal Counselling for individuals and couples

Craig Poulton is a Transpersonal Counsellor and has been in private practice for the past 8 years. He offers both Individual and Relationship Counselling. He sees counselling as a calling and a vehicle for his own personal and spiritual growth.

Craig has previously worked in various capacities within the mental health, drug and alcohol, homelessness, and youth sectors. He has 3 children with his partner Anna, lives in a bushy little property in the Yarra Valley and dances when he can.

“Through deep experiencing, emotional expression and the support to hold it all with curiosity and compassion, they come closer to how they really feel and what is truly important to them.”

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The foundation of the work is in the human connection that he and his clients share.

Craig creates an environment and relationship in which people feel safe enough to unfold the parts of themselves that they fear to show others, or even acknowledge in themselves.

Although the nature of Craig’s work primarily deals with problems or difficulties in people’s lives and relationships, he approaches these within a context of personal and spiritual growth. Whilst giving space to the expression of difficulty and suffering just as it is, he holds a powerful sense of trust that by deeply travelling what is happening for them, his clients will become more fully themselves, and come to live more meaningful and rewarding lives.

He works closely with the body, using it to guide his clients to the deeper layers of what is occurring for them.

The work weaves a dialogue between conscious and unconscious, helping people to experience and integrate dissociated or shadow aspects of themselves and come toward their full potential as human beings.

"I have begun to cry rivers that were dammed so hard they were crushing me. I have sung from deep in my heart space when I thought it was too shattered to make a sound. My journey with Craig involves an unfurling of my true self that is painful, exhilarating, and often ecstatically beautiful. Craig’s holding of our space is strong and gentle: both intoxicatingly magical and reassuringly grounded. Through our experiential travels into mind, heart, spirit and body, I always feel safe and at times I am satisfyingly scared. For most of my life, my darkness has seemed inescapable, but with Craig I am learning to recognise its transformative gifts and richness. For a time I thought I was going to die, but I didn’t – largely because of Craig’s power to convince me that I could turn to face my pain and begin to transform it into beauty and strength. And he was right."
"Craig gave my husband and I the tools to resolve our disputes in a manner that is loving and respectful. His approach is so gentle and kind – you feel instantly at ease in his presence. His ability to tap into the ‘emotion’ in the room is amazing and he can identify layers of feelings simply by being present and feeling what is happening in the room. After a few short months of talking to Craig, my marriage is happier, more loving and more joyful than it has been in years. Thank you Craig for your knowledge and support."
"Craig’s sessions are calm and there is a sense that the space he invites us into is safe. However, he won’t allow you to remain unchallenged if he feels it’s suitable. His primary role was to guide us through our separation. Obviously this was a traumatic time and he was able to offer us solid third-party guidance through the process. I feel privileged that he was facilitator and witness to what unfolded. Something substantial came out of every session; at times comforting and reassuring other times confronting and highly emotional. All outcomes essential. A consistent focus was to get in touch with one’s emotions and use them as a guide. To connect with yourself. The certain confidence in who I am today can be attributed to what came out of those sessions. My former wife and I are moving on, developing a new and appropriate relationship, and I highly recommend Craig to assist separating couples in achieving this."
"Craig was my devoted counsellor/healer for approximately 6 months. He was an absolute rock for me during a very difficult time in my life. He so sensitively and kindly guided me through such deep emotions and thoughts I was too afraid to go into on my own. His non-judgmental demeanour, and willingness to go on the journey with me was all the support I needed to navigate my way through parts of my psyche I didn’t even know existed and make sense of it all. Craig was appropriately creative and at times humorous with assisting me to release old patterns that no longer served me and to create new possibilities and visions for my future. With his genuine, heartfelt assistance and gentle power I am now on a positive road in my life and am watching all my dreams come true. Thank you Craig, if you weren’t my counsellor, you would be the best friend in the world to have. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Craig, and I would also return if I needed him again."
"I have been a client and friend of Craig Poulton for several months, and would like to express my gratitude and admiration of Craig and his counselling style. Craig is without doubt the most attentive listener I have ever found. I have sought help and support from quite a few people in the helping profession, but never did I feel listened to as much as I did with Craig. His manner seems to me to embody an exceptionally unconditional love, which gave me permission to express my most shame-laden thoughts and needs. The result of being able to talk about my feelings openly and deeply was like bringing them out of the shadow and letting the sunlight bathe them and heal them. I was able to begin to accept and love myself far more than before. I unhesitatingly recommend Craig’s style of counselling to anyone who feels the need to let themselves grow into a brighter place."






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