Elena Pilch

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Elena Pilch

I practice Kinesiology from a beautiful clinic Elk & Me Therapies and Dispensary in Thornbury, Melbourne.

I’m in love with the results Kinesiology can bring and want to share them with you! I work with lots of beautiful clients from all walks of life who are ready to make empowering changes in their lives. My clients get powerful and lasting results and you can too. Maybe you’re seeking clarity, direction or a sense of peace. It is not necessary to live your life in a state of stress, fear or uncertainty.

You deserve to feel secure, healthy and happy!
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“I use Kinesiology to tune into the wisdom of your body to find information about what is going on for you and what is needed to restore balance and joy. It can also help you to become more self aware, giving you better access to finding solutions from within. This awareness can bring about deep and long lasting change. One thing I love about Kinesiology is the energy work that helps you to release old patterns, thoughts and stories.”

My Focus

  • To align you to how you really want to feel in your life
  • To guide you in feeling unstuck, reducing your overwhelm and anxiety. Finding your purpose, your path and your passion
  • Guide you in increasing your self-worth, self-acceptance and self-care
  • Support you in feeling ‘back on track’ – finding it easier to reach your goals, intentions and desires
  • Help you find harmony in your mind, body and spirit, whatever that means to you, in a way that feels expansive and nourishing
  • To help you clear old limiting beliefs, perceptions keeping you cornered and tight

How many sessions will I need?

Kinesiology is very effective but it’s not magic (well maybe a little bit). It doesn’t “fix” your issue in a one off session. Though, you will start to feel more aligned to where you want to go. Some clients start to feel the benefits after just a few sessions. To achieve optimal results, I would highly recommend to plan for a minimum of three sessions.

For more chronic health issues, fortnightly sessions are quite powerful until things start to balance out for you. After that, monthly tune-ups are a great way to prevent stress from building up. Really, it’s what feels right to you!

For me, regular monthly Kinesiology sessions are a beautiful way to stay in touch with myself and a good way of keeping my thoughts, actions and emotions in alignment with my dreams!

A question I am often asked through my work as a kinesiologist is how can I change my life now?

How can I hear my intuition, move through my challenges, connect to my purpose and align to my heart’s desires?

Incredible wisdom and transformation comes about through a Kinesiology session. Another way of creating powerful change is to receive a personally guided Intuitive Reading and Distant Healing. It’s my other favourite thing to do! I tune in to your energy systems and work with your Guides and Angelic Beings to find out what you most need to know to help you on your path. Together, we will reveal to you your soul lessons, your blind spots and how to best shift your energy to align you to the life you are really wanting!

Your Intuitive Reading and Distant Healing session length is one and a half hours and will cost you $220. The guided reading will go for approximately 60 minutes (sometimes longer) with 30 minutes or more of distant healing sent straight after. Bliss! Turnaround is currently 8-9 days from ordering.

Your Investment?

These readings are excellent if you are pushed for time, needing extra support, or helpful for those who are committed to their healing between Kinesiology sessions. You will experience deep shifts both in consciousness and in your body as you listen back to the recording, leaving you with clarity, direction and peace.

What is the process for these readings?

These sessions are done distantly! You do not need to be present to receive a reading. You will be emailed a recording of your session which you can revisit any time you’d like. You can be out having dinner with friends or lounging on the couch. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what you are doing. It works wherever you are!

You email me:
  • Three words or statements describing what you are wanting alignment or guidance with. What ideally would you like to be experiencing?
  • A current photo of yourself or your date of birth which helps me to dial into your energy.

I then work through each of your energy centres to sense where you may be out of alignment with your heart’s desires. Through the use of high vibrational intuition, my tools as a healer and your Guides and Archangels, I receive information around what you may need to know or do to create harmony in your body and in your life.

After I have all the information that is willing to come through in your reading, I send you distant healing to energetically align you with your desires. This is a very soothing yet potent way to help your body clear blockages and integrate change. I encourage you to set aside an hour and half of uninterrupted time to lay down to listen to the recording, and allow yourself the time and space to process the beautiful shifts that will occur.

What may I experience?

  • A heightened connection to your Spirit and to your Spirit Guides and Angelic Beings.
  • A deepened understanding of your soul lessons and purpose.
  • Detailed messages and information from your Spirit Guides will assist you to deeply understand what you’re currently learning on a soul level.
  • A new sense of awareness, insight and expansion.
  • Empowered – you will have a new set of tools and exercises to help you feel in charge of your life. You may feel lighter and energised with a stronger sense of purpose, direction and clarity.







1 + 1/2 HOUR


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