Lauren Pegoli

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Dr Lauren Pegoli

Chinese Medicine

Lauren is a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with a special interest in fertility, pregnancy and post-partum care.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine), Lauren volunteered at an integrative medical clinic in Nepal where she treated over 500 patients. However it was working alongside the local midwife in the village, witnessing the benefits of Chinese Medicine in both pre and post-partum care, that was the catalyst for working with women and birthing people in particular.

Over the years, Lauren has interned with well-respected Chinese Medicine practitioners here in Melbourne and overseas, most recently working at a specialised fertility clinic in Melbourne before taking leave to give birth to her daughter Eden in 2020.

“According to Chinese folklore, the way you are cared for in the first forty days after birth, determines your health over the next forty years. With this in mind, Lauren also offers Chinese Medicine home treatments for birthing people as she is a firm believer that body work, acupuncture and the right herbal formula is the perfect tonic in those tender, post birth days.”

Having experienced both the ups and the downs of new parenthood (and all the in-betweens), Lauren understands birthing parents’ needs: to be heard and feel deeply nourished. Treatments can include acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, oil massage, warming moxa and herbs.

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Bachelor of Health Science – Chinese Medicine
Member of AACMA & AHPRA


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