Pete Coles

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Pete Coles


Pete is a fully qualified Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Mental Health teacher and Counsellor at Elk & Me Therapies and Dispensary.

Pete has worked in the mental health sector and the Healing Arts for over 15 years specialising in transpersonal one on one therapy, couples therapy, adolescents and adults with mental health and drug alcohol issues.

Pete provides a space facilitating the individual to move deeper into exploring ‘their story’ and to connect to the emotional content of how they are communicating with themselves and within their relationships.

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“The more we understand and learn how to have a positive, honest relationship based on trust and care with ourselves, the more freedom it enables for us to have to express our authentic self within our relationships.”

Pete’s work is a process of person centred unveiling; a discovery of the aspects of self and relationships that require more attention or may be perpetuating destructive cycles, an exploration of the aspects of self which facilitate positive change and a deeper understanding of your relating and behaviour in your life.

As a group therapy facilitator, musician and teacher, Pete brings a unique bag of tools to his counselling sessions.




1 + 1/2 HOUR



0412 998 333

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